SPICTURE PROVES ITSELF IN PRACTICE: TESTED ON A HOUSE BUILD PROJECT From metalwork to cleaning services, facility management or landscape gardening, from hotel and property management to household trades – wherever you need to permanently document something and share the relevant information, spicture is the tried and tested solution. Here we take the example of the construction site – whether in a commercial or private context. For many people, building a house is the biggest investment they will ever make. The impact of every decision is magnified. It starts with the floor plan and is far from over by the

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You need individual reports?

It is no problem to add your logo and your company data to the PDF and Excel reports in spicture if you would like to. Just buy the feature with an in-app purchase of once € 3.99 and you can customize the header and footer of your reports. In the lower section, you will find the respective buttons for editing. The data can be changed and updated at any time. Have fun with this new feature.

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Your feedback is important to us!

spicture simply offers more than other apps: Photographing, entering markings in the photo, compiling texts, adding tags so you can search later, recording an audio file to record sounds or dictations, and even producing a sketch. And being able to store all of that in one folder and send it! Great or what? And this is precisely why we are looking for another 100 power users for spicture. As a power user, you use spicture frequently and report to us on your experiences and other suggestions of what you would like to see in spicture. After all, we want to

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“We make software more human”

Press release “We make software more human”. This is how the software developer from Troisdorf near Cologne has been promoting its expertise in the field of voice-assisted software applications since 2014. A look at the redesigned website for dawin gmbh quickly leads to selected practical examples that the agile software company has successfully implemented for its international clients. Voice-assisted software proves to be very useful, especially when working with hazardous materials, i.e. when the user has to work hands-free/eyes-free. However, speech recognition and voice control are also a welcome alternative to the small keyboards used to operate mobile devices, such

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We present: Power users for spicture!

It’s unbelievable how many people can benefit from spicture. In our many conversations with customers, friends and relatives, we have already identified these power users. To which group do you belong? a) Location scouts b) Tradespeople c) Lawyers d) Maintenance engineers e) Inspectors f) Holidaymakers

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