From metalwork to cleaning services, facility management or landscape gardening, from hotel and property management to household trades – wherever you need to permanently document something and share the relevant information, spicture is the tried and tested solution. Here we take the example of the construction site – whether in a commercial or private context.

For many people, building a house is the biggest investment they will ever make. The impact of every decision is magnified. It starts with the floor plan and is far from over by the time the bathroom tiles are chosen. In short, a construction project is a complex affair. Reason enough for Heiko Overath to document his house project with spicture right from day one, keeping a close eye on every decision and every step towards completion.

Download the app, start clicking and stop forgetting: „spicture was ever present during our construction project – so I really felt I could just pull the construction site out of my pocket at any time,“ explains the trained constructor. „And along with it all my ideas, notes, comments and wishes. It’s an incredibly handy app once you get the hang of it.“ 

Because as anyone brave enough to embark on their own construction project knows: the devil is in the details. Every time you walk across the site, you notice some flaws along with the building progress. Or you are suddenly struck by new ideas for things like the future interior design, a different layout, the matching wall tile. With spicture, capturing all these ideas and sharing them with a few clicks is child’s play. Picture by picture, a comprehensive archive is created, enriched by relevant tags, voice recordings or texts, always containing precisely the information you wish to hold on to. By the way, it’s not only a matter of communicating with the architects and contractors involved in the project, it’s equally about preserving a private world of memories. „It was important to me to capture the beautiful things as well as the shortcomings, to capture this project of a lifetime in meaningful images.“


There is a lot going on at a building site. You are constantly having conversations, seeing things you want to remember, finding spots you want to explicitly flag, or sketching those plans in your mind’s eye before they disappear again. It’s easy to get bogged down. You’re called over from one direction, asked a question from another. The beauty of the „spic“, your digital filing system, is that nobody loses track of things. That fleeting thought can be captured, the information to be shared can be documented and committed to memory. Image-based information is thus automatically structured, images and notes are clearly sorted and archived or collected and shared as a spic. „And the sharing options go way beyond PDF or Excel files. I was in daily contact with the architect and tradespeople via WhatsApp anyway, so that was extremely helpful.“ Especially when you’re on the move. Like when XY was making one more trip to the hardware store.


„Have you ever been through the process of choosing tiles? Or sockets? Then you know what I’m talking about. The range of options can be overwhelming. Light grey, slate, metallic?“ Another case where spicture came in handy for Heiko Overath: „I simply took a photo of my favourites or the relevant price information, noted down my thoughts on why I like this or that tile, and this turned into a kind of mood board with my options.“ 

Review what you’ve seen so far, compare offers or share inspiration for a future consultation with the interior designer directly via PDF – spicture transforms multimedia notes into archivable image documents. Just a few cleverly placed keywords immediately bring order to this digital collection of notes. These tags serve to assign various spics to a category, so they can be retrieved at any time with a keyword search. Like „bathroom tiles“ or „sockets.“


Building a house is a mammoth project, even more so for private builders who don’t deal with site measurements and contractors on a daily basis. „It was only with the app that I was able to seamlessly document the construction site and communicate with my project partners. Writing messages on the go can be quite complicated. And on the flip side, it’s not always easy for me to grasp what the professionals are explaining. This is where a picture can go a long way to clarifying the issue.“ 

Information relating to the building is digitally archived click by click; construction flaws and instructions for rectification are set down clearly and forwarded without delay. spicture thus becomes the central hub that brings together digital memos, regardless of their source. „Another important aspect for me was that I could use the app to share what I had seen with my family when I got home. Thanks to spicture, everyone could follow why I gone for a particular option over another. Is the crack in the base plate documented? How did you solve the problem with the roof construction? Are you also fans of the textured XL tiles?“ It’s all in the picture. So everyone can keep their eyes on the job.

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