spicture simply offers more than other apps: Photographing, entering markings in the photo, compiling texts, adding tags so you can search later, recording an audio file to record sounds or dictations, and even producing a sketch. And being able to store all of that in one folder and send it! Great or what?

And this is precisely why we are looking for another 100 power users for spicture. As a power user, you use spicture frequently and report to us on your experiences and other suggestions of what you would like to see in spicture. After all, we want to further develop spicture for you! To thank you for your feedback and for getting involved, we are giving away an iPad mini to one of our registered power users.
 So, what are you waiting for? Simply download spicture and register as a power user here. The closing date for registrations is 30 September 2015.