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We are pleased that you are interested in spicture, the fantastic photo documentation app.

No matter what you would like to photograph, annotate or document, spicture is the perfect app for you to save photos on your smartphone quickly and easily with notes, sound, sketches and much more.

Your multimedia notes are transformed in no time into archivable documentation. By adding a few clever keywords (tags), you also quickly add order to your collection of notes. Photos and everything that goes with them are finally organised in a clear way!

Now New! From now on, you can add your logo and company data to your PDF and Excel reports simply via in-app purchase. Also you can send spics with all data types to your own storage like Dropbox or WhatsApp. Make spicture to your individual documentation tool.

Important to know: The feedback from our customers continuously flows into the further development of spicture, so that you can always do exactly what you like: document simply and professionally.

Just visit our blog area and find out even more about spicture.

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Available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play

What can spicture do?

spicture is our new photo documentation app for iOS and Android smartphones and can soon be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and in Google Play. spicture offers these features:


Turn your photo into a spic. Simply take one or more photos or select an existing image in your smartphone’s photo gallery.

Photo marking

You can mark areas of your selected photo to highlight whatever is especially important to you.


If the photo is not enough on its own, you can use spicture to conveniently collate all of the important information as text.


You can enter as many keywords (tags) for your photos as you like. This allows you to organise and find photos in a flash. For instance, tags can include the project name, the task or other keywords.


Of course, a photo shows a lot. But what about the sound, such as the sounds of your surroundings, the throaty roar of a car engine, or simply just the sound of your own voice? No problem with spicture. Audio recordings are also coupled with your photo.


Do you ever feel like no image or words can describe what you mean? Then simply draw what you imagine. spicture even gives you a palette of 4 colours to use.


Would it not be interesting to know where your spic was taken? Your spic will also contain secondary data for you, such as GPS details, as long as you have granted permission for this.


You always have your spics with you on your smartphone. In case you want to export or share your spics, you can do that via PDF or Excel via e-mail.

Now New! Individualize your reports with logo and company data!


spicturing is fun! Lots of spics collect up quickly in your photo pool. To enable you to quickly find the photo or note you’re looking for among the many spics, you can find your entries using the spicture free-text search.

Simple and brilliant!

See for yourself. spicture is available free of charge for iOS and Android in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


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